Joanna Norton speaking at Digital ELT Ireland

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We are happy to have Joanna Norton as a confirmed speaker. Joanna Norton is an educator, teacher-educator and mobile content entrepreneur with deep domain expertise working in today’s diverse, multilingual learning environments.  She is the founder of Keywords English, a mobile app that supports young people with the academic language of school.Joanna-Norton_small

Joanna’s presentation is called Pedagogy is king.  It will provide a brief overview of the role of technology in education to date. Given that the current EdTech debate is being shaped by the tech sector and that technology alone has failed to deliver results, she will argue that the success of the latest phase, mobile learning, will be determined by the number of skilled educators making pedagogical decisions about its content. Although sufficient technology is already at our disposal, we suffer an acute shortage of effective instructional design to ensure technology is harnessed to deliver the best learning outcomes. She will suggest that the synergies between technology and pedagogy are where the future of learning lies.


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