Cathy Fowley speaking at Digital ELT Ireland

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We are excited to have Cathy Fowley on the programme. Cathy holds a PhD in Internet Research cathy-fowleyfrom Dublin City University.  Her doctoral research explored new theoretical frameworks to study the relationship between authors, readers and technology in young people’s blogs and their management of privacy issues. These frameworks are now being adapted to computer assisted language learning as well as autobiographical writings. Her research interests are at the intersection of writing and technology, in the field of digital literacies, language learning,  and older people’s uses of the internet..She has worked as a lecturer in French through technology in the School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies in Dublin City University, and as a teacher trainer for DCU Language Services. She is currently working for DCU Intergenerational Learning Programme, where she designs and teaches modules on social media, digital skills, and lifewriting for older students.

Cathy’s talk is called Actor, Director, Learner: uses of camera phones in the language classroom. Summary as follows:

Mobile phones are now ubiquitous and often disruptive in classrooms. One function can however help to promote language learning, through the use of the mobile phone as a camera. Pocket cinema is now a well-known phenomenon, with festivals and prizes. This workshop will explore the creation of short films and the re-creation of scenes from well-known films as a means of motivating students whilst improving their skills in the areas of writing, speaking and pronunciation

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