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Conferences are very peculiar beasts from the point of view of an organiser. You look forward to it all year, spend a huge amount of time and effort in preparation … and then can’t wait until it is all over.  And it nearly is. The physical event is over and we will be publishing the plenary videos, article summaries, presentation links, twitter walls etc over the coming 10 days.

The face to face event went off pretty well according to all our feedback This year we had a much expanded event in a new venue and a lot of people need thanking. So here goes:

  • Our co-hosts David O’Grady and Lorcan O’Connor Lloyd from Marketing English in Ireland
  • Our friends and supporters in ELT Ireland
  • The organising committee: David O’Grady and Lorcan O’Connor Lloyd (MEI), Lou McLaughlin and John Whipple (ELT Ireland), Sophia Mavridi & Paul Sweeney (LTSIG)
  • Special thanks to John Whipple who nominated, convinced and cajoled so many speakers into participating and to Peter Lahiffe who proposed Sylvia.
  • Our plenary speakers and workshop leaders: Gavin dudeney, Dr Nellie Muller-Deutsch and Sylvia Guinan (in order of appearance)
  • Our speakers, many of whom were doing their first conference and did so in style. A few of you mentioned how you have come through the door timidly at our first conference, were dipping your toes by last year and this year, there you are – up there – talking about it all. Well done!
  • Our registration desk: Sophia Mavridi, Lou McLaughlin, Caroline Moore, David O’Grady and Lorcan O’Connor LLoyd
  • Our tweeters and FaceBookers: Sophia and Jane Seely
  • Our conference photographer  Donal Mahon.
  • Our exhibitors: Oxford University Press, National Geographic Learning Cengage and Macmillan.
  • Special thanks to National Geographic Cengage for sponsoring Andrew Walkley to speak and participate in our end of day debate.
  • To the venue, St Pat’s teacher training college, Drumcondra: Geraldine Healy for endless flexibility and patience and the friendly staff from the catering section.

And to you for coming and supporting this conference so well and making it possible to plan for our next edition in 2015.


Apologies for anyone left off this list. We will amend on feedback.


Paul Sweeney & Sophia Mavridi



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